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with dry AMD pathophysiology key features can improve your R&D
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iPSC-derived cellular models & services
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Discover PCi-KER, our human keratinocytes from iPSC.
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About us

 Phenocell is a Partner Research Organization for the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic industry, specialized in bioassays based on iPSC-derived cellular models for research, drug discovery and in vitro cosmetics tests.

We are here to improve your R&D programs with highly relevant in vitro tools available in unlimited amounts and with fully qualified characteristics, including control of genetic background.​

Using the Nobel Prize winning technology of cell reprogramming, we create foot-print free, xeno-free, human iPSC. Selected iPSC are differentiated into somatic cells and associated to tailor-made phenotypic assays to repurpose existing drugs and discover or validate tomorrow's medicines.

This is a photo from a microscope of staining iPSCThis is a photo from a virtual modeling. It represents an organoid, like a gland, of sebocytes.This is a photo from a microscope of staining RPE cellsThis is a photo, from a microscope, of staining RPE cells


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