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Phenocell is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO).
We are specialized in active ingredient study for Dermo-cosmetic and Pharmaceutical companies, in order to :

  • Validate your claim
  • Identify your drug's activity

We offer a range of next generation in-vitro bioassays and custom solutions thanks to a breakthrough technology the "iPS cells".

iPS cells Technology
State of the art for Biossays

  • Access hard-to-source cells
  • Select donor ethnicity
  • Work with the same source year after year

Your Project, Our Promise

  • Send your test item, we start within two weeks*
  • Validate your claims with the right assay
  • Closely interact with our experts
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Phenocell's Lab

  • All assays are performed in our lab
  • One molecular biology and one cellular biology suite
  • Get access to a variety of readouts : qPCR, Flow cytometry,  HTS imaging

Training Session

  • Learn iPS-derived cell culture
  • Customized hand-on training
  • Closely interact with our experts
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Upcoming Bioassays

  • Microbiome related assays for acne claims
  • Sensory neuron assays for skin sensitivity claims
  • 3D sebaceous gland model
Next generation in vitro bioassays
based on stem cell-derived models  

Retinal Diseases

Dry AMD Model

Ethnic Skin Claims


Do you have specific R&D needs ?

We are able to do custom-made bioassays for you.

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