Phenocell's Team

Phenocell is a research-based R&D company specialized in the design of phenotypic assays for research and drug discovery using iPSC-derived somatic cells.​

Phenocell is here to help your research and discovery programs with highly relevant in vitro tools and assays.​
Using the Nobel Prize winning technology of cellular reprogramming, we create foot-print free, xeno-free human iPSC and somatic cells.​  
Large batches of qualified cells can be produced and used in unique phenotypic assays to repurpose existing drugs and discover or validate tomorrow's drugs.

Brigitte Onteniente

Brigitte, PhD, Chief Executive Officer & founder, is an internationally recognized expert for brain plasticity, stroke and stem cell therapy. After receiving her Doctorate in the University of Montpellier, she completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Anatomy Department of Shiga Medical School, in Japan, before entering Inserm in Bordeaux. She joined I-Stem in 2009 to coordinate the European program STEMS, and took the challenge to leave academia for entrepreneurship in 2013. Brigitte performed the Challenge+ management and business training in HEC in 2013.

Julien Maruotti

Julien, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer & shareholder, graduated from the AgroParisTech engineering school and has over 10 years of experience in stem cell research. After having completed its PhD in developmental biology in a Sino-French joint laboratory (INRA, Jouy en Josas / Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing), he joined the Wilmer Eye Institute (Johns Hopkins University, USA) for several years. During this time, he specialized in pluripotent stem cell differentiation toward retinal models, cell based high throughput screening and drug discovery.

Adrien Tartary

Research Engineer

Manon Tanguy

Research Engineer

Valentin Parat

Research Engineer