High-throughput in vitro assays
for skin pigmentation claims

Identify active ingredients among hundreds on our innovative human iPSC-derived melanocytes before further validations.

Ethnic specific
claim validation

Asian and
New preprint about our screening platform, available on bioRxiv
A high-throughput screening platform for pigment regulating agents
using pluripotent stem cell derived melanocytes.

High-throughput platform

Our high-content screening assays can test a large number of compounds in 96wp format.
Identify the most promising compounds before further downstream studies.

Pro/Depigmentation claims
Active ingredient discovery by high-throughput flow cytometry (HTFC)

Leading edge bioassays

for downstream testing
MITF expression
Tyrosinase expression
Melanin content
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with our innovative, efficient and cost-effective bioassays and cell models
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