Human keratinocytes (≥ 1 M cells) (Caucasian)


1 Million cells per vial
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Ref. PCi-KER

PCi-KER are provided at low passage and available in 1 M cell format. Shipped in dry ice.

Also available as full Kit with culture medium and supplements for amplification and maturation: Ref. PCi-KER_KIT.

PCi-KER are unique tools including for keratinocyte cell research, skin-linked disorders research, pharmacology, toxicology and drug discovery.


- Ref. PCi-KER (1 M cells/0.5 mL), caucasian phototype.

More phototypes coming soon.​

Associated products:

- Ref. PCi-KER_KIT: human keratinocytes and culture medium (coming soon)

- Ref. PhenoCULT®-KER: culture medium for human keratinocytes

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