Human neural progenitor cells (≥ 1 M cells)


1 M cells
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Ref. PCi-NPC

Neural progenitor cells derived from human iPSC, provided at low passage in 1-Million cell format.

Shipment in dry ice.

Available in large quantities with very little batch-to-batch variations, PCi-NPC provide a reliable source of progenitors for developmental studies, pharmacological and toxicology studies and other areas of neuroscience research after differentiation into appropriate neural cell types.​


- Ref. PCi-NPC (1 M cells/0.5 mL)

​Associated products:

- PCi-NPC_KIT, full KIT with neural progenitor cells (1 M cells), culture medium (100 mL) and supplements (400 µL).

- PhenoCULT©-NPC: Culture medium (100 mL) with supplements (400 µL)

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