Culture medium for human RPE


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Ref. PhenoCULT®-RPE

Optimized culture medium for the culture and maturation of human retinal pigment epithelium cells.

Available in 100 mL or 500 mL formats.

PhenoCULT®-RPE contains:

- Basal medium (100 mL - 500 mL)

- Supplements (2 mL - 5x2 mL)

​Ideally maintains human RPE cells in culture to full maturation.


- PhenoCULT®-RPE_100 (100 mL with supplements)

- PhenoCULT®-RPE_500 (500 mL with supplements)

Associated products:

- PCi-RPE: human RPE cells from iPSC, 2- or 6-M cells

- PCi-RPE_KIT: human RPE cells from iPSC, 2- or 6-M cells with culture medium and supplements

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